This question again?

From a consumers point of view it’s hard to understand why low production quality porn has managed to fend off mainstream content for so long but when you look at it from the models point of view the answer is pretty simple.

For a long time sites like MFC and Chaturbate have been a staple for young women wanting to earn money from their body, but there are inherent problems with this business model, primarily, the fact that only about 5% of the people watching, actually pay for it. “Lurkers” as they are commonly known are the people who will sit and watch a model on a webcam show for hours waiting for the model to be paid sufficiently to show something by the other users in the room.

Of course the models have the option of doing private shows but the profit from these is rarely any better. Let’s take Chaturbate for instance, where the equivalent of $100 is about 2000 tokens. The average private show price is about 7 tokens per minute, meaning that in order to get paid $100 the model would have to  do a private show for almost 5 hours. So generally it’s more profitable to do “free shows” where the amount they do depends on the tips they get.

Lets also look at freelance photography models, who usually charge between £25 and £40 per hour depending on their experience and popularity. They pose for photographs in various states of undress and get paid for it which is okay, except that those photographs will circulate the internet forever and the model has only been paid once. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for anyone, however you can understand why some models consider this unfair and would wish to look for a more consistent and lucrative option.

Enter Onlyfans, a platform which is free to join, and takes a small percentage of the total money earned, but the Model is in control of what content can be seen for free, and what content must be paid for. In other words, the model can make sure that everyone who sees their nude content has indeed paid for it (excluding those who use the vast number of piracy sites). So maybe the model has less “fans” visiting her every day, but every one that does pays for it.

Whilst I don’t always agree with the ethics of some of these models that I hear about, to be honest I’m hard pushed not to say that I understand with why they do it.

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