Render review is becoming increasingly popular but some of the submissions coming through are unsuitable. Please find below a full list of guidelines.

Images submitted must be:

  • Original and entirely your own work
  • Your best effort.
  • One Image per submission!

Images must not contain:

  • Watermarks
  • Attempts to promote your own game or content
  • Nudity
  • Extreme violence
  • Sexual content
  • Sexualisation of Minors or protected individuals
  • Copyrighted works

I recommend images of 16:9 minimum of 1920x1080p but other formats are permissible.

please don’t send more than one image. I don’t have time to look through your entire render library!

All images should be sent to You will receive an automated reply. Please don’t start having a conversation with the auto-response, It’s weird.

I reserve the right to decline submissions without stating reasons including but not limited to those stated above.
These guidelines are subject to change.