I recently recieved an email from a guy called Joe Sinkwitz telling me all about an amazing opportunity to join a site where brands could contact me for sponsorship deals. Getting a sponsorship is basically the holy grail for a YouTuber as it allows you to get paid for doing what  you love without having to sell your soul (most of the time). You’ve probably all seen Helix Mattresses or Raid Shadow legends at the start of videos you’ve watched. It’s not the end of the world to watch a 2 minute ad if it means that your favourite creators can earn a living.

So as you can imagine I was interested in learning more. I did a little research and couldn’t find any conclusive evidence that this was a scam. All the videos and articles I saw seemed to concur that this site was legit so I clicked the link and took the shot.

The first few pages of registration seem fair enough but alarm bells start ringing when they start asking for WAAAAYYY too much personal information, however, they claim that it is to allow them to better link you to the best brands

So I complete the registration process and get to the Dashboard where I find that my “Customized” brand links are for Botox and giving some nobody DJ a shout-out on YouTube.

So I do a little more digging and notice that second time around, most of the reviews for this site seem to be self-written. Their reddit page has no comments and the few YouTube videos on the topic all seem to be people who’ve been paid to say nice things.

Anyway, point being. Avoid, most likely a scam.