With attitudes toward pornography and sex in general becoming a lot more accepting and progressive over the last couple of decades, it was inevitable that some of the associated taboos’ would also become more widely accepted.

These days everyone accepts BDSM as a “thing” and whilst very few people openly admit to being involved in it, the chances are, if one of my colleagues told me that at weekends they donned a PVC suit and locked themselves in a dungeon, I probably wouldn’t give it more than a moments’ thought.

Another taboo which has become more mainstream (with regard to the porn industry) is incest. This isn’t a new thing. Incest porn has been around for decades in video form, and centuries from a literary point of view.

In our instant gratification society, we tend to consume a lot more media and trends come and go a lot quicker but one trend that seems to be loitering is incest porn. Just about every scenario, no matter how likely or unlikely or how weak, has been played out hundreds of times. 19 year old adult actresses are no longer “teens” they are now “sisters” or to keep things fresh “Step-sister”. 25 year olds are playing Moms and anyone over 30 is playing auntie, granny, or Mom’s best friend. Suspension of disbelief is utterly impossible in the majority of cases, porn actresses are not known for their academy award winning performances (nor should they be) when they are just playing “Girl who wants to get fucked” let alone trying to play a convincing mother or daughter or sister.

The psychological reason for it’s initial popularity seems to have been forgotten. The idea of a simulated act of intimacy between two blood relatives makes it taboo in most western cultures which makes it titillating for its’ consumers. Studies have shown that real incestuous relationships are incredibly rare because most healthy people are genetically programmed to be incapable of reproductive activities with their own relatives. They might fantasize about it but if offered the opportunity, most would be unable. Think of it as natures’ “cock-block”. It is the fantasy and the taboo nature of this thing that makes it a turn on for many people.

With that in mind, seeing the vast amount of incest content online, and seeing how casually the idea of family relations is played out, (i.e. sister walks into room and with barely two lines of conversation pounces willingly on her brother, or mom is horny and wakes me up in the middle of the night randomly and uses me for sex) shows that it is little more than porn clickbait. This presumably is why so many of these producers cast people whom are wildly inappropriate for the role, because actually they have no interest in creating taboo content, save for putting the word Sister or Mom in the title in hopes that it leads to easy clicks on their promo videos.

The apparent impact of the internet becoming so saturated with “Taboo but not really” content is the desensitisation of consumers. What would once have likely been considered “Good” content fails to have the same impact, making the premise utterly meaningless, and it may as well just be titled what it actually is, Two complete strangers having sex on camera for money.

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