What is Daz Studio

Daz Studio is an entry level rendering engine. It allows users to create simple 3D scenes with products from the Daz Studio Storefront as well as importing content from other file formats such as .fbx and .obj

Resulting Images are rendered using the iRay engine from nVidia and relies heavily on CUDA cores for GPU rendering. A CPU fallback mode is available for non CUDA devices however this increases the render time significantly making it advantageous to use nVidia GPU’s.

Daz has grown over the years and with significant “feature creep” now allows users a great deal of customization of their characters and scenery and has a very basic animation interface.

Daz Studio is free software. It’s developers, Daz Productions make money by taking commission from sales in their storefront, where independant Published Artists sell their creations. Daz Productions make very little content of their own and rely almost entirely on Published artists for their revenue.

To make Quality Assurance Daz Productions only allow a certain number of Published artists to sell on their storefront and those Artists must undergo a rigorous vetting process.

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