The Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab is a container for a Contextual menu which provides the user with the ability to change most of the parameters of the object currently selected in the Scene Tab.

Tab contents can be filtered down to All, Favourites and Currently Used.

All displays every available parameter for that object,

Favourites shows only parameters which have been toggled as a Favourite

Currently Used shows only parameters which differ from their default value.

Most parameters can be altered either by using a slider, using the nudge buttons or by entering a value. To enter a value, click on the number on the right hand side of the slider. Daz only displays the value to two decimal places by default but if the value entered contains more than that, Daz will display up to four, meaning that to read the entire value you must click on the number again to go back into value entry.

Nudge buttons are the small – and + symbols located either side of the slider. Clicking on them increments or decrements the value by a set amount (default 1)

The Parameters tab also has the ability to display toggle buttons and drop-down menus. which can also be used to change the parameters.

When hovered over using the mouse, each parameter displays three icons in the top right corner.

The Padlock icon allows the user to lock this value and prevent accidentally changing it.

The “Heart” Icon toggles whether or not this value is added to the favourites list.

The Cog will bring up a sub menu which has the same functionality as the items above, but also includes the ability to hide the Parameter, or reset it’s properties to default.

This menu also allows the user to view the settings window for that specific Parameter.

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