Parameter Settings

After selecting Parameter settingsĀ from the cog menu on a parameter:

A new menu will appear:

Name: Displays the Name of the Value.

Label: Allows the Parameters label within the UI to be changed, one example would be changing the y-rotation of a Door to show “Open / Close”

Path: Allows the user to change where the parameter appears within the Parameters tab. This allows the user to create new sub-menus for their favourite properties if they so choose.

Type: Displays the type of Parameter that is selected.

Hidden, Locked, Favourite Checkboxes allow the user to toggle these properties.

When the Use Limits box is checked, Min and Max percentage values can be applied to this parameter to prevent accidentally setting the value outside of its intended limits. For example a character morph should be limited to a range of 0% to 100%.

Default allows the user to choose what value this parameter should be set to as default. NOTE: Changing the default of a morph to anything other than 0% will apply this morph to every compatible character subsequently loaded.

Nudge: Changes the amount which the Nudge buttons increment or decrement the value.

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