Deeper is a multi ending life-sim built using the Python Ren’Py module.

The player takes on the role of Jake, a young man whose family falls upon hard times. The aim is to make choices which result in the family’s situation improving. Jake encounters many characters along his Journey, some will help, some will hinder, and they all have their own agenda.

Deeper explores some interesting parts of the human psyche. Some characters are on a path to redemption, others may steadily decline into insanity, the player’s choices help to dictate how each character changes throughout the course of the story. A decision which gives the greatest short term reward, may very well have a negative impact in the long term.

The game is meant to be played without a walkthrough or any wiki help. The idea is to play the game and make the choices that you would instinctively make based on your own motivations. There are no wrong choices, and there is no game over, how the game universe develops is up to you!

Deeper is currently being re-coded to make the game more stable and facilitate faster development. Contrary to popular belief (as stated on many Pirate websites) Deeper continues development and is not abandoned. It is however a labour of love for Matt (AkA Thundorn) and will not be released until the public until he believes it is ready for public consumption, after a slightly difficult time with the first version of the game.