Ello Mate.

So I’ve officially moved home now and am now settling in. My new ISP will be installed in a couple of days, after which I should be able to start live streaming and will likely do so on the day to celebrate.

The move was challenging as I moved from a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment to a 1 bedroom 4th floor apartment so a lot of stairs involved. I’m bloody exhausted! but it was well worth the effort, I’m in a much nicer location now.

On a different subject, Those who have followed me for a long time will know that I’m not one to complain or clap back generally. There has been a lot more comment traffic on the YouTube channel of late, mostly positive but I suppose with growth, there will always be a more negative element that creeps in and often peoples’ expectations of my channel are very different to what I intentionally deliver.

That’s the wordy way of saying that there have been a lot more complaints lately from people who either don’t understand why I do things, or just think they know better. It’s usually those people who get “pissy” when I respond to them saying I disagree with their point of view. I am really grateful for everyone who watches my content and I don’t like creating negativity on my channel so I will simply say this…

If you simply cannot accept my reasoning for doing things this way, don’t watch. I deliberately avoid promoting products and other parties because I want my channel to be about creativity and learning with integrity, not sucking up to some company or artist who offers me kickbacks (and there have been many offers!). You don’t need to see what I’m doing in my content library or my morphs to be able to understand what I’m doing, otherwise I would include them in the video. 🙂