Hey everyone. So far 2022 has been highly productive. I’ve completed my Certificate in Education and Training, which means I am actually now a qualified teacher! (quite a rarity on YouTube)

I’ve embarked on a new Bachelors’ Degree. I figured since I’ve been doing it for two decades, and teaching it online for 5 years I might as well do the formal qualification. It isn’t too taxing but is it a bit time consuming so if the video uploads seem a bit random, now you know why.

The channel hit 11,000 subs recently which is amazing, and I feel like there is a huge amount of growth still to come. And of course I am eternally grateful to those who have subscribed, become members and Patrons.

As the channel grows, the number of requests I get in the video comments, but more so via email are rapidly increasing and whilst I try to respond to every comment (in those cases where a response is necessary) it’s becoming more difficult to keep on top of it. At the moment each day it takes me the better part of an hour to delete spam comments and hide trolls so that the channel remains a positive learning environment.

Overall I’m pretty happy, life is decent and I’ve got big plans for this year.

I am having some much needed (but very expensive) dental work done. I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere in the world but During Lockdown in the UK it’s been incredibly hard to get proper health or dental care and so many people now have a laundry list of issues needing to be tended to, and I am one of them. Unfortunately in the UK, whilst we have an amazing healthcare system, dental is barely subsidised and so even something simple such as getting a cavity filled is a major expenditure.

Anyway, Stay Awesome!

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