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" /> Why does game development take so long? – Thundorn Games

Game development is a long drawn out process but most people believe it is because coding is a long drawn out process. The truth is that in game development, code is actually the simplest and usually fastest part of the process. The creation of graphical elements is what takes up the huge bulk of the time. In the case of Deeper for example, the first few days of each update are spent adding code, after which the rest of the time is spend creating the renders, which dependent on the scene being rendered can take anything from 30 minutes per image to over 24 hours per image. Low light scenes take longer because the rendering engine is less efficient with less lights in a scene and scenes with more characters in them take up more memory, again slowing down the process. This will speed up as I upgrade my machine of course but even then it will be a painfully slow process. The addition of new content is pretty much dependent on how fast I can render images for each new scene. On the positive side Waiting for renders does give me a bit of time to try out new ideas and come up with new mini-games!

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