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" /> Why do devs care about CG Rips? – Thundorn Games

Creating adult games comes with some strings attached. The following things are inevitable:

  • Some people will complain about the pace of the story
  • Some will complain about their specific fetish not being covered
  • Some will complain about not liking a specific fetish that you DID cover
  • Some will complain about something completely random and irrelevant
  • Some will accuse the dev of “greedily hiding content behind a paywall”
  • Some will post spoilers on forums
  • Some will post Unauthorised Ports of the game to other platforms
  • Some will post CG Rips

Whilst I try to understand and put up with these things, The CG Rip issue is one that I find particularly frustrating but probably not for the reason you think. Technically posting CG Rips would fall into the “Spoiler” category which itself is a bit annoying but that isn’t why I care about them.

When I write a game the story is an integral part of it. Each image is part of the story telling process. For example a CG on its own is just a picture. Maybe that picture is of a sexy man or woman wearing not very much but it has no context and no emotional impact. Put that same picture into a story based game and you suddenly have context and some emotional impact, thus making the image much sexier and more rewarding for the viewer.

I make games because I want people to enjoy my work and get the best possible experience from it. CG Rips spoil that, and that’s why it bothers me 🙂

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