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Hey everyone!

For those of you who have been keeping up with Twitter (@ThundornGames) or watching the discord you will already know that I have been putting in a lot of hours in my IRL work. Bills to pay etc etc. That has made working on Deeper quite difficult simply because I need time to test everything, and with a game as large as Deeper already is that takes a lot of hours. In real terms what this means is that Deeper is going to take much longer to develop and release updates for but rest assured I AM working on it!

Bone of ancients is another story. I don’t develop games for money. Been there done that and when I tried to do it as an Indie, just didn’t get enough support to make it worth the stress and so I do it for the love of gaming and coding. Bone of ancients is going to be a good story but at the moment I have no passion for it and have for the moment put it on the back burner until I feel that I would be giving all of my attention.

So is it all bad news?

There is good news indeed. I have taken all the lessons learned from Deeper (and working on Red-Swallow) and applied them to a new version of the game engine. It still uses Ren’Py so all you cheaters and would-be hackers can still mess up my hard work 😉 but its much slicker and currently running bug free. Migrating Deeper over would simply be too huge of a task to undertake so instead as a showcase for the engine I would like to introduce:

Hopeless Infatuation.

You play Dave, a lazy teenager who spends his days playing video games and masturbating. Your father was a banker but was caught having an affair with his secretary and so your Mom divorced him and took his money and big ass mansion and now you live there together with Mom and your sister Nikki. Life should be pretty sweet but your Mom is hassling you about getting a job or doing something worthwhile with your time otherwise she will send you to “The Ranch”. Can you find a way to keep your Mom happy whilst not sacrificing your leisure time?

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