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Deeper will always be story driven and regardless of which of the many arcs you wander down, care and time is taken to ensure that characters are relatable. I want people to enjoy playing the game but I also want people to empathise with the characters. Deeper isn’t just some 5 minute wank-a-thon with a ton of graphic CG images, and I am deliberately avoiding putting any absurdly proportioned barbie doll characters in game.  Jake is a young man who is starting to discover his identity and his sexual awakening could happen in any number of ways dependent on what choices the player makes in the early stages of the game. The outcome of every decision is recorded and will eventually have some impact on the story.

Unlike most adult games, the MC has a perfectly normal, healthy relationship with his mother and sister at the start of the game, and although Lucy hasn’t always filled the traditional mother role, Jake doesn’t just wake up one day and decide he wants to fuck his mum and then relentlessly manipulate the every situation to achieve that goal. Any relationship that develops between Jake, Lucy and Sarah will feel natural and relevant to the story-line.

By the time Deeper is finished, Every character in game, male or female will be included in some way in the story and each action will determine just how much or little involvement they have. I know that a lot of people were frightened of there being a transgender character in the story and there were even some idiots screaming about the whole game being a “trap” which made me laugh. Now the game engine is pretty much finished I can focus more on the story content and hopefully provide the player with some real content.

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