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" /> Updating patron “Delivery” – Thundorn Games

As many of you will already be aware, Patreon, for all the great things that it offers, is still a bit flawed in how it works. For example the point of “rewards” is to give something back to loyal supporters for their generosity. It would therefore be unfair on the honest supporters for anyone to be able just take those rewards as it somewhat undermines the whole system. There are a small number of people who make a pledge for a certain amount, take all of the rewards, and then cancel their pledge before they are ever charged for it, which is essentially stealing. In order to prevent this, Patron rewards such as Desktops, and pre-launch download links will now be emailed to those eligible. I didn’t really want to have to do things that way, as it creates a lot of work for me, but it really is unfair on the guys who do become patrons. Once Patreon implement instant charging, this will revert back to being posted on the Patreon wall.

Thanks for your generosity and support, without you I wouldn’t be doing what I do.


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