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" /> Update 4th October 2018 – Thundorn Games

Good afternoon all.

With v0.0.753 now out, a couple of minor bug reports have rolled in but overall it was a fairly successful update. Considering how little time I get to spend on development I take that as a bit of a win. The question is where do we go from here?

With Patreon still refusing to acknowledge my appeal I believe at this point it is safe to assume that Deeper will never be funded by Patreon, which you could see as a negative or a positive thing since I am now free to develop the game how I see fit without having to pander to the confusing “left wing attitude with right wing beliefs” of Patreon and their billing partners.

Deeper will now develop at a slower pace until such a time as I am able to earn enough money from development to spend more time doing it, which I anticipate is going to be a fair way off however rather than relying on third party sites, I have now managed to set up a system on this website which will allow users to pledge a monthly sum, which can be cancelled at any time, that will grant access to posts on this site, essentially exactly the same system as Patreon uses. I will post a summary of the total support received each month so that you are all aware of just how much of a difference your support makes.

This site is SSL certificated and all payments are handled externally by either Paypal or Stripe. No banking details are stored on the server for this site so you know that your data is safe. As always I am truly grateful for any support and am spurred on by the overwhelming support that I have received so far.

The next update will contain some pretty awesome stuff, we will just have to wait and see how much time I am able to put into it each week.

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