Trouble logging in?

If you are having trouble logging in it is worth going through this checklist to avoid any issues.

Before logging in ensure that:

  • Your username is correct. This username is sent to you via email when you first sign up.
  • Your password is correct and the Caps lock key is not down by mistake.
  • You have an account. If you have signed up but cancelled your subscription at the last minute or created an account without a subscription, the account will be deleted after 48 hours. Unless you are a supporter who has access to restricted content, there is no purpose to having an account so they are removed to avoid an unnecessary number of users.

Things to consider:

If you are unable to log in with the correct information it is possible that your account may have been temporarily blocked by the automated system. Temporary blocks are lifted after a period of time, however if your account has been blocked and you believe this to be in error you can discuss it via email.

IP Addresses are blocked if:

  • That address attempts to access restricted content
  • That address attempts to access content which does not exist
  • That address attempts to log in to a non-existent user account
  • That address attempts to log in to an existing user account too many times unsuccessfully
  • that address attempts to use the password recovery function too many times

User accounts are temporarily blocked if:

  • Multiple failed login attempts are made
  • An unusual number of IP addresses attempt to log in to that account
  • The user account attempts to bypass the security system.
  • The password recovery system is used too many times.

User accounts are permanently removed and blocked if:

  • The account holder shares restricted content with non-subscribers, this includes but is not limited to, images, download links and any other supporter only content.
  • The account holder attempts to bypass the subscription system
  • The account holder persistently demonstrates suspicious activity
  • The account holder posts comments or content which is deemed to be inappropriate or unfairly disparaging about another user, or Thundorn Games.