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" /> The Ten Commandments of Game Design – Thundorn Games
  1. If your game isn’t ready, rather than lie, just tell your fans or supporters the truth. Nothing will lose potential investors or customers faster than repeatedly disappointing them with false promises.
  2. Don’t Hide your story-line behind complicated mechanics or “secret” triggers. As the developer it is your responsibility to keep the player engaged with a good story and FUN mechanics, it is not their responsibility to make fun out of whatever convoluted mechanic you have concocted. Remember that your players do not know anything, and what you might think is obvious might not be.
  3. Don’t make them grind for simple plot development. Games like WoW can pull it off because they have a hundred different ways to grind. Chances are you only have one, and even the most hardy player will get bored if they have to do the same thing a thousand times just to get a few new lines of dialogue and a new picture.
  4. Learn to number your versions correctly. Version 1.0 means the game is completed. Don’t use misleading version numbers if your game is in pre-alpha
  5. Don’t give your player tasks which they cannot complete. Being told “This quest cannot be completed in this version” or worse being unable to complete a task due to a bug are both very fast ways to piss off your players.
  6. Don’t give them all the “good stuff” right at the beginning and then make them work for hours to get anything else. Sensible progression coupled with a good Work-Reward balance is important.
  7. Even in fantasy situations, it is important to be believable on some level.
  8. Give plot development and character progression the proper attention and time it deserves.
  9. Be prepared to spend hours on a single piece of artwork and don’t half-arse your renders. Attention to detail makes all the difference
  10. Test-play everything!
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