The City: Resolution

What is The City?

Not so long ago Paragon City was an exciting place. Like any city it had a lot of problems, not least of those being that gangs and Super Villains terrorized certain neighbourhoods but the people who lived and worked there loved it all the same.

For every villain or crime boss, there was a Super Hero working tirelessly to keep the public safe and for the most part, they were successful. New Heroes came to Paragon almost daily and before long the Heroes managed to push the criminals back.

The City’s bureaucracy praised the Heroes for their hard work and awarded citizenship to all Meta Humans and assigned the most senior among them, a hero named Statesman an honourary position on the City Council.

Typically with the threat of the Super Villains now under control, the City council started to focus on their favourite topic… money.

Big corporations were enticed to come to Paragon City with huge tax breaks and before anyone knew it the place looked like a giant billboard with commercials everywhere. Movies that weren’t even being played in this Dimension were being advertised in the biggest cash grab anyone had ever witnessed.

The incorruptible Statesman gave the council numerous warnings about the havoc that their money grabbing would cause but it fell on deaf ears. The pitiful nature of such people disgusted Statesman so much that eventually he could take it no longer and without warning he vanished without a trace…

Naturally this attracted all sorts of unwanted characters to Paragon and before long the older residents started to leave in their droves and rightly enough their friends and families left with them.

In less than a year Paragon City went from being a vibrant hub of activity to being a ghost town. The only people left were a few more resilient Meta Humans who had nowhere else to go, and since they relied on their work for the City Council to earn a living, when the Council fled, the meta humans were forced to do something they thought impossible and had to turn to a life of crime to survive.

The Freedom Phalanx had long disbanded and its members faded into distant memories, and the few meta humans that survived had suffered the fate of all forgotten celebrities, they had either developed substance habits or gone insane from their own ego.

Naturally it didn’t take long for the Heroes that once protected Paragon City to form together and take control. Anyone who stood against them was killed without remorse and a new age began. Humans were treated as second class citizens and forced to live in ghettos.

Will you, a mere human be able to turn back the clock and save humanity?