Why do you support Developers I want to encourage the developer to keep going (63%, 20 Votes) I don't. (16%, 5 Votes) I want to help Independent creators (13%, 4 Votes) I feel obliged to pay something for my free game (6%, 2 Votes) I want all the cool rewards (3%, 1 Votes) Something else [...]
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Please see below the full change-log for the bug-fixed version of v0.0.773 Added prompts when enough time has passed to continue when a character says “Come back in x days” Added prompts when a location is unlocked Updated triggers for certain events Reduced the number of times Jake needs to offer to help bathe Sarah […]

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Deeper v0.0.773 change-log

Deeper v0.0.773 will be released within the next few days. The changelog for this version is below Fixed various typos As always a few typos slip through the net and are subsequently reported. All reports have been rectified Added multiple scenes with Laura Continuing on from Nicki Chain of events After Nicki’s chain of events […]

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