Radio competition

Good morning folks, I am pleased to announce the first ever competition for Deeper. What is the competition for? I hear you shout. Bragging rights! and also a chance to have your entry featured in game and thus be immortalised in the in-game credits. How do I enter? You’ve played Deeper right? you’ve listened to […]

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Why do you support Developers I want to encourage the developer to keep going (63%, 20 Votes) I don't. (16%, 5 Votes) I want to help Independent creators (13%, 4 Votes) I feel obliged to pay something for my free game (6%, 2 Votes) I want all the cool rewards (3%, 1 Votes) Something else [...]
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Next Update release date

Hi everyone. The next update for Deeper will be released on the following dates: 40up Supporters: 28th October 2018 Other supporters: 2nd November 2018 Public version release: 3rd October 2018   Please note: These dates are subject to change.

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