I finally got around to upgrading Laura to Genesis 8, which means that all characters in Deeper are now based on the most up to date Character models. Here are some shots of the new improved Laura…

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Here’s a quick render of Lucy with her new look, using my most recent rendering method. I’m not going to share this particular secret but I think she looks pretty good!

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Update 4th October 2018

Good afternoon all. With v0.0.753 now out, a couple of minor bug reports have rolled in but overall it was a fairly successful update. Considering how little time I get to spend on development I take that as a bit of a win. The question is where do we go from here? With Patreon still […]

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v0.0.4 Update

Currently working on: Phone interface and Ruby’s store Hey everyone. So those of you that have seen my live streams will know that I have just released v0.0.38 and bug fixed it. With no current bugs in the engine i can now work on the phone which is a big one. The yPhone is available […]

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Looking forward..

So with 0.0.3 so close to release My mind has started thinking about v0.0.4 and what it will include. Naturally I want to focus on some story progression but I really want to tie up more of the mini games and overall mechanics. Until v0.1 it is a foregone conclusion that each update will most […]

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Game development is a long drawn out process but most people believe it is because coding is a long drawn out process. The truth is that in game development, code is actually the simplest and usually fastest part of the process. The creation of graphical elements is what takes up the huge bulk of the […]

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