Radio competition

Good morning folks, I am pleased to announce the first ever competition for Deeper. What is the competition for? I hear you shout. Bragging rights! and also a chance to have your entry featured in game and thus be immortalised in the in-game credits. How do I enter? You’ve played Deeper right? you’ve listened to […]

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Why do you support Developers I want to encourage the developer to keep going (63%, 20 Votes) I don't. (16%, 5 Votes) I want to help Independent creators (13%, 4 Votes) I feel obliged to pay something for my free game (6%, 2 Votes) I want all the cool rewards (3%, 1 Votes) Something else [...]
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Next Update release date

Hi everyone. The next update for Deeper will be released on the following dates: 40up Supporters: 28th October 2018 Other supporters: 2nd November 2018 Public version release: 3rd October 2018   Please note: These dates are subject to change.

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Upcoming additions

Good morning friends. Please find below a brief summary of what will be added in the next update.. Further development in the Dating arc’s for Shelly and Christine. Continuation of Marcus Story arc and Ecco Character Several “under the hood” improvements and bug fixes. The plan is to bring both Shelly and Christine to a […]

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