Fans of Survival games will no doubt be aware of Ark: Survival evolved and their creator Studio Wildcard. Any non-fanboy will also be aware of the extremely shady moves that WC made during the development of Ark and its DLC.

Without going into too much detail here, any studio which charges $30 for an early access game and then releases a paid DLC for that game whilst it is still in Early access for a further $20 and makes repeated mistakes including buggy releases and constant delays on content will know that Wildcard have no interest in creating high quality games.

Wildcard have just released a new title albeit under a new name. Grapeshot games are billed as a sister studio for Wildcard but based on their current performance, you can make a pretty safe bet that it is exactly the same team of people, simply trading under a different name to try to lose the stigma that surrounds Studio Wildcard.

Grapeshot announced a new game “Atlas” which was advertised as a pirate themed survival game in an open world. Expectations were high and people seemed genuinely excited for the new game.

3 days before the official release, the studio announced a delay while they completed the build and then subsequently went on to promise a further 5 release dates all of which were missed.

Upon finally getting access to the game, people discovered that Atlas was nothing more than a lazy reskin of ark, with players even being able to access the legacy Ark main menu which reveals Atlas for what it really is.

Atlas was originally designed to be another DLC for Ark. Unfortunately because a lot of people bought the season pass for Ark, Wildcard would have made very little revenue for sales of Atlas and so have tried to market it as a completely different game.

My advice to you is to avoid Atlas and boycott anything released by either studio in future. We do not need to send the message to AAA developers that this behaviour is OK. These arent indie developers struggling to cobble together a game in their limited free time like your’s truly, these are large teams of professionals who expect you to pay large sums of money for their content and they need to understand that WE the consumers are the ones with the power. Vote with your wallets guys. 🙂

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