Good morning folks, I am pleased to announce the first ever competition for Deeper. What is the competition for? I hear you shout. Bragging rights! and also a chance to have your entry featured in game and thus be immortalised in the in-game credits.

How do I enter?

You’ve played Deeper right? you’ve listened to the radio stories in game. Now is your chance to come up with your own. Simply type your entry into the comments section below. and at the end of the competition The best entry will be picked and put into the game.

What are the rules?

In order to keep you safe, and keep the radio stories consistent:

  • Make your story Funny
  • Keep it lighthearted
  • No naming people or games directly
  • they should be completely irrelevant to the main story-line
  • Be phrased as if they were a real radio broadcast

You don’t need to write the initial line about the weather or Jake’s reaction to the story, just write the story itself. Please no entries via email or Discord, keep them here in public so that you can inspire each other. You can write more than one if you wish but please don’t go mad, give others a chance to have some fun.

Most importantly…. Stay Awesome!


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