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Quite often when trying to create a game with any kind of mechanics, you will find yourself staring off into space as you weigh out the possible solutions to a very specific problem, or of course sometimes just trying to think of any solution at all.

When it comes to Ren’Py, more often than not that solution comes from remembering that Ren’Py itself is just another Python library and that most problems can usually be solved pythonically. This actually has several benefits, not least of which is speed. The more of your code that you write in python, the less your players device will have to translate Ren’Py into Python which is then translated into Machine code. this might seem like a very minor thing which most computers can handle with ease, but as your game increases in complexity the more noticeable it’s effects will be.

On my YouTube channel I have uploaded a series of videos which cover the basics such as using classes and solving some problems. I will be making more of these videos and am open to requests. Here is the playlist for the series:


To accompany any new videos I upload. i will be posting code snippets and deep dives into the information in the videos here. I will also be doing a shout-outs for my subscribestar supporters too.

Stay tuned!

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