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if you have been even partly paying attention to pop culture during the last 10 years you will no doubt have heard of Pewdiepie. With over 77 Million subscribers on YouTube “Pewds” is the most popular youtuber in the World.

But why is he so popular?

Pewds (real name Felix Kjellberg) is a swedish comedian whose mixture of sarcasm and satire strikes a chord with viewers of all ages and his recent campaign to remain ahead of T-series, had fans voluntarily spending vast sums of money on publicity stunts as well as many celebrities also tweeting or speaking in public showing support.

Felix has not been without controversy though. His brand of humour has enraged people with a more fragile disposition on more than one occasion and with his popularity being greater than the population of the UK, he has attracted the attention of publications such as the Wall Street Journal who have on several occasions attempted character assassinations on Pewdiepie.

Attempts to connect Felix to the far-right by printing his comments or affiliations out of context have so far all failed but with increasing pressure from the liberal-leftist media, Kjellberg himself is having to address these claims more often.

So does a parent have anything to worry about with their children being fans of Pewdiepie? Honestly the easiest way to find out is to watch a range of his videos yourself. Whether he is playing a game, reviewing memes or summarising the weeks events in a mock news show, Kjellberg is light watching and you might even enjoy it yourself.

Occasionally Pewds will touch on social matters indirectly such as watching an episode of Doctor Phil and will point out how absurd the behavior of certain people really is. A case could be made for Felix actually being quite a positive role model for young impressionable minds as he walks the fine line very well and always seems to offer a fairly balanced view of whatever he is discussing.

To many, Pewdiepie is just a friend who offers a bit of lighthearted fun for twenty minutes every day.

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