Hey folks, Just wanted to take a few minutes to update you all as to what is happening and what will be happening.

So as many of you are aware Patreon are purging adult content. They don’t want to lose creators because creators make them money, but they are trying to force adult content creators to remove their adult content from Patreon. Essentially they are trying to dictate what their creators do. Hundreds of adult creators have been suspended with “publicly visible implied nudity” being stated as the reason, even on pages with absolutely nothing of the sort on display.

Thundorn Games was also hit by this recent clamp down. I originally received an email which stated my account was suspended due to Implied nudity or nudity being visible in public posts. There were none but I went through my page and removed anything which could be construed as even vaguely sexual from the public posts and responded immediately to their email. Because I am in the UK and Patreon’s team reside in the USA, there was a slight delay but my response was within 6 hours of their email.

After three days of no reply I contacted them again. with no response.

After three attempts to get in touch I finally got a response.

“Hi Thundorn, Because your game Deeper contains incest content I will not be able to re-activate your page. Because you have no other projects being funded, If you still wish to create content on Patreon you will need to remove all mentions of Deeper from your page and send me pictures of another project which you wish to fund.”

Bare in mind that Deeper currently has no sex in it at all, let alone incest, you can imagine my annoyance. Clearly this person, nor anyone at Patreon has actually looked at my content. They are just trying to oust me as an adult creator. Also the tutorial series that I am making is sufficient enough reason to keep funding. So more evidence that Nobody at Patreon has actually looked at my page before suspending my account.


Moving forward.

It is looking increasingly likely that I will have to remove Deeper from Patreon. I will continue its development and will have to find some other way of getting support. I will try to keep my tutorial videos on Patreon so that those of you who do support me on it can continue to do so and I will instead email your patron rewards directly to you rather than posting them on Patreon. This will suffice until I have time to find a better funding source.

Either way I urge other adult creators to boycott patreon and find a better alternative as it is only a matter of time before they push out adult content entirely, which is pretty crumby considering it wasn’t so long ago that they were welcoming us in and we adult creators were basically one of the main reasons they succeeded in the first place.

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