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On certain forums, there has been a surge in the amount of hatred that is being focused on Patreon. A few months ago Patreon decided to better enforce their rules about posting extreme content. There were always vague rules around such things but this was their way of drawing a line in the sand and saying “Hey devs, if you want to post your content and use our facilities to get funding you need to clean up your act, and more importantly your page”.

To be clear this wasn’t them removing porn from Patreon, simply asking that it be kept behind the patrons only wall and that any extreme content be removed. This didn’t affect as many people as you would have been led to believe by reading the rants on F95Zone and other piracy forums. Granted it was an inconvenience but most people haven’t lost a great deal of sleep over it.

Certain developers, believing that they were too big to fall decided to completely ignore this change in Policy and continued to ignore it when other developers were either forced to change, or removed from Patreon completely. As you would have expected eventually this caught up with them and just like everyone else they were kicked into line. It’s important to note at this point that their funding wasn’t stopped or removed, their page was simply locked out until they cleaned up their act.

The short version is this. Patreon doesn’t want incest or extreme content on their site. It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with this policy and it doesn’t matter how many people argue, those are the rules. If you choose to ignore them, frankly you deserve everything you get.

Will this have any impact on the development of Deeper?

No. Deeper was never a game about incest. Whilst it is possible to develop a relationship with your mother or sister much later in the game, Deeper is a story about Jake’s journey into manhood. Any and ALL sexual encounters and relationships are entirely justified by the story.


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