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Since the recent events which resulted in Patreon freezing the accounts of several of the more established game developers, many people have tried to draw me into a conversation about those developers.

Whilst I appreciate that a lot of fans will feel betrayed by those developers who have chosen to abandon their games in favor of something more within Patreon;s guidelines, It would be impolite of me to comment on the personalities or the quality of product of those developers. I would not necessarily have made certain choices, but I do understand that some developers, rightly or not, rely on income from Patreon as their sole source of income and so have to bend to the will of the Patreon Gods.

Honestly, if a person feels that strongly about the way in which a developer conducts themselves, there is always the option to NOT pledge support or NOT play the game. There are plenty of adult game developers out there who manage to walk the fine line, and deserve equally as much support as those developers in question.

I guess the point I am making is that I understand the reasons why these dev’s have made the choices they made, without either condoning or condemning them for it. And if you are looking for somewhere else to place your trust and support my Patreon is found HERE

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