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Hey everyone. I wanted to post this as news as it will definitely impact the development of all the games I work on. I have up until now been working with some pretty outdated hardware. Using an old Motherboard with intel i5 processor and 16gb of DDR3 ram. The only “modern-ish” piece of hardware i’ve had is a GTX 1070ti.

I have finally been able to save enough money to upgrade my motherboard, ram and processor to something current. Whilst this wont speed up the actual iRay renderring itself, it will significantly speed up my workflow by making Daz Studio run faster when I’m not rendering and also (hopefully) allow me to multi-task more so that I can code and render simultaneously.

The next step of course is to save up enough to upgrade to one of those shiny new RTX 2080ti gpus but as it stands that is a VERY LONG way off.

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