Good morning all

I wanted to let you know of a development

As you are all probably aware, recently I have had to dedicate most of my time to working In real life to pay bills and so on. With a view to being able to work on my content I will be becoming part of the Nof8 Game studio. This will allow me to work on my games autonomously with support whilst not having to maintain the security of this site which has become a very time consuming thing on its own. The fact is people try to steal my content constantly and if I don’t spend a large portion of my free time keeping on top of things the security of this site will be compromised. This means that I am unable to focus on Developing my games because I’m too busy maintaining the website.

What this essentially means is that I will continue to work on Deeper, and continue to post information about it, and download links on this site as before, but if you wish to support my work you can do so by supporting Nof8 Game studio. Please note that Deeper MUST NOT be mentioned in any way on Patreon and it must be made clear that by supporting Nof8 Studio you are supporting Me and my work, and not any specific project. There will be no links to this website provided on Patreon or on the Nof8 Studio website since doing so would be a violation of Patreon’s terms and conditions.

Stay Awesome.



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