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" /> How to stay “Safe” on Patreon as a creator – Thundorn Games

In addition to my recent post about Patreon, I would like to offer advice for those developers who may be struggling, or worried about not getting hit with lockouts or bans.

  1. Make sure that any mature content you post is set to “Patreons only” as a minimum – Patreon does not allow posting of any adult content where it may be visible to the general public, it only takes one person to report your page for you to come under scrutiny.
  2. Make sure you have a good page – which still attracts your target demographic, without needing to post mature content in view of the public, this will also help justify your content better should your page come under scrutiny for some other reason.
  3. Be careful where you post links to your Patreon page. As a whole the adult gaming community are great, but there are a few people out there who take piracy a little too seriously and are seemingly offended at the mere suggestion that if they enjoy your content that they should support you, I mean you should be working for free right?  These are the people who will be looking for ways to “teach you a lesson” and will find joy in trying to make your life difficult. Avoid the temptation to spam links to your Patreon everywhere and do a little research first.
  4. Don’t post extreme content.. at all. Patreon is very clear about content containing incest, sexual violence, non-consensual sex and so on. Posting this will get your account locked out. Most adult games contain some form of non-consensual sex, be it rape, or blackmail, and if it gets reported you will get a ban so don’t make content containing it..
  5. If you absolutely must include extreme content in your game, don’t post links to it on Patreon. This too will result in a ban.
  6. Understand “justifiable in the story” – Patreon has stated, that if certain content or subject matter is justifiable in the story it is acceptable, for example the incest scenes in Game of Thrones are entirely justifiable in the story. How this affects us as adult game developers is that we need to make a story-line that is more compelling than just “Me wanna fuck Mommy”.
  7. Remember who is paying the bills – The demise of certain popular developers can be attributed in no small part to stupidity. Not only was it stupid to post that content knowing it was against the rules, but it was also stupid to forget that Patreon is a site where people making donations, from the kindness of their hearts. A lot of popular creators forget this and start seeing it as being paid what they are owed, thus having no remorse for cancelling projects that people had been supporting etc etc.
  8. Keep your ego in check – Patreon is a multi billion dollar company, they don’t care about losing your little bit of income, nobody is “too big to fall”
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