With Deeper becoming more and more complex with every update it becomes increasingly difficult to play test everything. Deeper is unlike any other adult game out there and whether you like it or not, that means that there are always going to be teething problems.

To make life less stressful for everyone I have written some tips on writing a bug report

  • Include as much information about the bug. Did the game crash irrecoverably or was it an error that could be ignored
  • Make sure you are playing the latest version!
  • Be specific. Tell me what were you doing at the time, what you clicked on, what time of day it was, where you were etc etc
  • Include traceback.txt if possible. This helps me isolate the problem
  • One report for one error. if you’ve discovered more than one error, send in more than one bug report. No doubt it’s cathartic to write a ranty list of every error you have found but it doesn’t help me fix it if you don’t include any information.
  • “Dave doesn’t appear when he is supposed to..” is not a bug report. Where were you? how are you checking? what were you expecting to happen?

Things not to do in a bug report

  • Don’t report a bug if you are using cheats. This includes using console commands or save editors to change values.
  • Don’t report a bug if you are using third party mods
  • Don’t report a bug if it is already listed in the “known issues”, it’s a waste of time
  • Don’t report a bug if you are playing a version of the game which may have been tampered with. ONLY the links provided on thundorn.com are guaranteed to be the original game files and I accept no responsibility for the file hygiene or integrity of files downloaded from anywhere else.
  • Don’t complain about game mechanics which make it difficult to play the game in a manner other than which was intended.
  • Don’t file a bug report if you are playing an unlicensed version such as a compressed or ported version.
  • Don’t post your bug report on discord or a forum post. Bug reports not submitted to the correct email address will just be deleted to keep channels from getting cluttered.
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