Hopeless Infatuation

Hopeless Infatuation

What is Hopeless Infatuation?

It’s a dating sim / Visual novel in which you play a young man named Dave.

What’s it about?

Your father was a millionaire banker who developed a coke and adultery habit. Your Mom eventually caught him having an affair with his secretary and sued him for divorce, taking half of his fortune and his mansion house. When the game starts Dave’s relationship with his Mom and sister (and just about every other woman) being absolutely rock bottom. You must guide Dave through situations and make decisions to help improve his relationships using either manipulation, corruption or just genuinely being a good guy.

High Quality Renders

The best quality renders created with Daz Studio and Maya. Using my photography background to give scenes realistic lighting and immersive look.

Thundorn Ren'Py engine

Created using a tweaked and perfected version of Thundorn's Ren'Py based engine

Hours of Dialogue

Story lines and conversations to navigate to get the outcome you want. The finished game will contain hours of dialogue and multiple outcomes to most situations.

Hundreds of Images

Hundreds of images, many of which dynamically change based on the game state will keep you entertained for hours

Next update: First BETA version 0.01

Current progress:
50 Percent