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" /> February – Thundorn Games

Hi Folks. I just wanted to update you on progress. My injuries are almost fully healed now and as such I will be able to start working on development again. The two main areas of focus at the moment are working on finalizing the deeper BETA test and drawing more support via Subscribestar then Bone of ancients next update is next on the priority list although is more likely to appear before any download links for Deeper as it is a much simpler project.

I will continue to support Nof8 Game studio with their project and create YouTube videos for them too.

Were currently awaiting the new crowdfunding platform from Jordan Peterson and the IDW. I will continue to use Subscribestar for those people who use it but will also set up a profile on Dr. Petersons platform too since I expect that a lot of former Patreon users will migrate across to there.

Thanks for all the support and kind messages. Stay awesome folks!

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