Deeper v0.0.773 will be released within the next few days. The changelog for this version is below

Fixed various typos
As always a few typos slip through the net and are subsequently reported. All reports have been rectified

Added multiple scenes with Laura Continuing on from Nicki Chain of events
After Nicki’s chain of events Jake can continue the story with Laura. The end of this chain of events now splits between whether Jake confessed to being attracted to Laura or not earlier in the storyline. These branches will have different content in future updates

Re-instated Quit save & continue functionality
This function was temporarily removed as it was causing an exception when compiling. With RenP’y’s recent update this should now be fixed

Upgraded Laura to Genesis 8, New model will be used in Most scenes.
The new model is almost identical to the old Genesis 3 model however in scenes where there is too much of a noticeable difference the older model will still be used.

Added new smart hairstyle for Lucy which she will have when contextually appropriate.
Most scenes in the motel will not require the new style however moving forward when Lucy has more reason to make an effort with her appearance, the new style will be used.

Replaced small divider icon with correct image
Correct icon is now used

Added new date mechanic
Previously dates used the same class as other appointments. Dates now have their own class with more appropriate attributes and checks which will allow for streamlining the dating system and hopefully prevent Jake accidentally going on a date with someone he has dumped or is not in a relationship with. 

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