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" /> Deeper v0.0.616 changelog and known bugs – Thundorn Games
  • People weren’t reading the intro text and so were getting confused on the first day so an additional “filler” scene has been added to the intro.
  • added alternative conclusion to “Ball check” chain of events
  • added two new books linked to the above chain of events
  • added new radio stories
  • added new minor character “Rosalind”
  • fixed some global variables
  • added courier job via Laura
  • added dialogue with Laura about being attracted to her
  • Added story arc for rejecting laura
  • Game now autosaves on quit and continue button now loads quit save
  • Added Christine comicon date
  • Cleared out some old code
  • Streamlined UI code
  • partially implemented morality system
  • added new Napping event

resolved an issue where delivery User interface was not showing correctly thus players were getting stuck on some screens.


Known issues

Missing image from the initial Bathrobe scene. – resolved in the next update
Reports of hospital event not being available after “Sore balls” event. –  Investigating

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