Deeper FAQ

How often will Deeper be updated

Deeper will be updated as often as possible. I intend to provide a decent amount of content in each update so the exact amount of time will vary.

Why should I support you?

As it currently stands, I am developing Deeper in my free time, which means that I am not able to dedicate enough time to it. Once I have enough support I will go full time. Once I have enough to survive I can start investing in better equipment and assets for the game.

Isn't this just another Big Brother Clone?

Not at all. Big brother is an entirely different game from a very different developer. Deeper has a much larger map and will have more content. It is also developed on a very different engine.

Where can I get the CG?

I would prefer people play the game rather than just rip the CG, however I know that inevitably someone will do it. Whilst I understand and accept this I have no plans to support it.

How Often will you live stream?

I will stream as often as possible, and try to make this daily. Until I can afford to upgrade my computer the process of streaming will make it difficult to render at the same time so I will need to keep them brief until things are better.

Is there NTR in Deeper?

I have no plans to put NTR in the game at present

What sort of content will be included in Deeper?

Deeper will cover as many kinks as I feel are necessary for the story. Whilst this is an adult game, i want to make the interactions as lifelike as possible. This means that some of the sexual content will take a time for the player to get to.

Currently Deeper covers: Standard sex, Incest, Transgender and Smoking.