Deeper FAQ

How often will Deeper be updated

Deeper will be updated as often as possible. I intend to provide a decent amount of content in each update so the exact amount of time will vary.

How do I report a bug?

Bug reports should be sent to and include as much information as possible such as what you were doing at the time the bug occured and if possible the traceback.txt file.

Please do not report bugs if you are using cheats, mods or any kind of save file editor as they often introduce bugs that are not in the original code.

What's in the supporter version?

To show appreciation to supporters, the S version of Deeper contains extra images, alternate and extra scenes, a 10% discount on all in-game items and in a future version there will be a whole character with their own story arc.

Is there an Android port?

No. Because android and iPhones are a little less sturdy than PC and Mac, I do not intend to port Deeper onto phones until I am 100% sure that the engine is stable and bug free. Any third party ports to any other platform are illegal copies and I do not accept any responsibility for them.

Is there NTR in Deeper?

I have no plans to put NTR in the game at present

Why are there bugs?

Deeper is in alpha development. As new mechanics are added some of the old mechanics need to be changed or removed and with so many functions being interlinked it takes a while to find all the dependencies and fix them which takes time. In order for me to be able to add content at any rate that the player would deem acceptable, it is a calculated risk to let the game go out to the public whilst some errors may still exist. I currently only have about 2 hours a day to work on Deeper and If I were having to play test every possible story path and outcome, it would be almost impossible to push out updates at a reasonably regular rate.

TLDR: the game is in development. If you want a bug free game with completed content, buy one 🙂

Where can I find a walkthrough?

You can’t. Or at least not an official one. Since events in Deeper do not happen in sequential order there is no point in a walkthrough. I would also prefer people to play the game rather than just replicate someone else’s steps

Why are other people seeing different scenes?

Every decision and action you make in Deeper has an impact on what happens later, not only do your choices matter, but WHEN you make them also matters. Deeper has no linear “best” route and every playthrough will be different. If other people are seeing things that you are not, the chances are they have done things in a different order, or made different choices.

Where can I get the CG?

I would prefer people play the game rather than just rip the CG, however I know that inevitably someone will do it. Whilst I understand and accept this I have no plans to support it.

If I support you, where does my money go?

Currently I develop Deeper in my free time, which with my current IRL work means at most I can spend 2 hours per day on development.

Your support will mean that I can spend more time working on the game and also buy new game assets and, hopefully one day take on more help to speed up the process.

How Often will you live stream?

At the moment my ISP is not fast enough to allow for live streaming. Once I can afford a faster service provider I will stream at least once a week.

What sort of content will be included in Deeper?

Currently Deeper covers: Standard sex,Transgender and Smoking.

This will change over time.

There is a Transgender flag on this game, why?

There is a Transgender character in Deeper. Their role in the story really depends on the choices you make throughout the game. none of the content featuring the Transgender character is mandatory excluding the initial scenes of the game where the character is introduced to the MC

Why can't i see anything about Deeper on Patreon?

Patreon recently carried out another Purge of adult content creators and My page was included in this. I am continuing to try to fight the decision since the reasons cited were inaccurate but this may take some time. Any support given on Patreon will still help support all of my projects, of which Deeper is one, and you will still be able to access patrons only content.


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