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Adult games are certainly not a new phenomenon. However the popularity of these games is on the rise. Big brother is a visual novel being developed on the Unity Platform. The basic premise is that you are a young adult named Max who lives with his divorcee mother and two sisters. Various other characters become involved in the story but the amount of interaction that the player has with them varies dependent on the choices made throughout the story-line.

On first impression the game is well presented with nice clean renders and well designed characters. A few of the costume pieces are fairly generic but in this case it is forgivable since Dark Silver has clearly put a lot of effort in overall. The first obstacle that the player encounters is a male character named Eric who the player can either choose to befriend or make an enemy of. In the initial part of the game the threat of being sent off to “military school” is every present and it can take several attempts to successfully navigate this hazard, especially if you choose to make an enemy of Eric from the start.

The Eric character fills the mandatory NTR role of the game and for those of you with an aversion to this, be warned, it is unavoidable.

Whilst there are a lot of positive things to say about this game, it is worth noting that the further into the story you get, the more grindy and irritating the mechanics become. In order to pay the bills, the player must keep a webcam feed running and in order to keep the viewers up must engage in sexual activity in as many rooms as often as possible, which means the player must be prepared to do a lot of mouse clicking and repeating the same scenes every day, for potentially weeks of game time in order to unlock the next piece of story.

Add to this the annoying lack of connection between certain events which totally ruin the immersion and all the good things start to not matter. For example in several places the dialogue references events which have not happened depending on where you are in other story arcs, and in some cases completely contradicts itself.

Really the biggest thing is the grind though. A lot of the story triggers are convoluted and require a specific combination of actions, which means that without a walk-through, you could literally just be repeating the same actions indefinitely, which is very bad game design.

Overall. Worth a look but needs a lot of work. 



  • Polished Looking interface
  • Crisp renders
  • Interesting plot
  • Character design


  • Ineffective event links
  • Grind factor 10
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