I am a big fan of ASMR videos. They help me relax and sometimes fall asleep, not to mention that the feeling of an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is probably the second most enjoyable sensation that the human body can experience. 

With so many creators out there now I wanted to do some reviews of the creators that I have seen and give a little info whilst I’m there.

A few points to note first. 

A lot of ASMR-ists will claim that Different people respond to different stimuli. This is true to a certain degree but it is also a big cop-out and is used as a disclaimer for making bad content. I will write the reviews based on my own personal experience and ignore the “it might work for other people” point of view.

The first person I wanted to review is Bella ASMR, also known as Bella Brookz. Bella is a Brazilian cam-girl who made a lot of ASMR early in her career. Once her webcam persona proved to be more lucrative her ASMR content took a back seat but she has shown a lot of interest in rebooting her ASMR YouTube channel. 

I chose Bella first because she was actually the first ASMR I ever saw and was the reason I became interested in experiencing more. 

I feel like I was spoiled a bit by Bella being my first as she set the bar pretty high in terms of how many of her videos trigger an ASMR because in spite of her only having a small amount of content a lot of it is very effective. Bella seems to have cracked the code for creating this kind of video. The ability to connect with the viewer is something a lot of ASMR creators lack. What I mean by this is that with most, they are talking to the camera and not to the person watching the video and that comes across in their content, where Bella seems to be talking to you personally.

I suppose the best comparison would be if you were having a video chat with your girlfriend vs watching a prerecorded video that your girlfriend sent you. It might still be nice, but it’s not quite the same. 

Bella has a few more tricks up her sleeve too.

Her voice is almost a natural ASMR trigger in itself. Her voice is soft but her articulation is perfect and doesn’t sound forced. A common trick of ASMR-ists is to over pronounce words whilst whispering to create clicks and hisses but when it’s forced it sounds wrong.

Being an adult creator also means that Bella is less concerned with being too sexual or showing her flaws. She comfortably gets right up close to the camera and really sells the personal attention. She also uses natural light for most of her videos rather than the over used ring light. As a professional photographer I would advise most of these people to avoid using a ring light because it is a very specific tool used for a very specific thing and illuminating a moving subject with a ton of makeup and oily skin just isn’t it. 

I think one of the biggest things that separates Bella from other creators is that she clearly does it because she loves doing it. She earns more than enough money from her adult webcam that she isn’t reliant on creating 5 videos per week to earn a living and that really shows. Also part of being a good webcam performer is the ability to act and engage with the viewer. Being able to convince the viewer that you are with them, and that they are the one making you orgasm is a trademark that all the best web-cammers share and so it isn’t too far a stretch to convince a viewer that you are giving them personal attention.


Video upload frequency 2/5: Bella has only just started making ASMR content again after a couple of years away and she is still finding her feet again. She has to dedicate most of her time to her adult work so ASMR is a bit infrequent.

Video Immersion 4/5: Some of her more recent videos have been a bit experimental, or rather she is trying some of the ideas that other ASMR-ists have tried which are less immersive but her Personal attention videos are second to none.

ASMR frequency 4/5: Bella only has a few videos but the number of them that trigger a legitimate ASMR is a very high percentage. 

Overall content 4/5: Bella is smart enough to know that quality is better than quantity. YouTube sadly don’t pay out based on video quality, views is all that matter so most ASMR creators will push out 2-5 videos each week, and will maybe get an ASMR once per month. Before I get a ton of hate mail for stating the obvious, I understand that when you need to make that many videos to earn a living, the quality of the content will naturally drop, but it isn’t the viewers job to care about whether or not the creator is getting enough views. You as the viewer should be concerned with only one thing when it comes to ASMR… Does it work. And with Bella, more often than not the answer is YES
No whacky immersion breaking themes just good quality personal attention. 

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