Good morning folks. In the absence of being able to do live streams I would like to take a few minutes just to give you an update on progress and do a quick brain dump.

At the moment I am working as much as possible on Deeper but due to the time of year, I am putting in extra hours at IRL work so that the holiday period isn’t totally miserable. This means that the number of hours I can spend on Deeper is limited. I wanted to let you all know that I am working very hard to put out new content but progress will be slow until January. There just isn’t enough support coming in to justify me spending every waking moment and depriving myself of sleep to develop the game so I will not be putting myself through the same level of stress that I have been up to this point.

More than 17,000 people have downloaded from, I can’t track how many people download from the piracy sites, suffice to say that a huge number of people are downloading and playing Deeper which is great news. It would be even better if a few more people were willing to throw a buck at the poor bastard who is developing it 😉

There have been a number of people complaining about the lack of content in the latest update. Usually I would be quite diplomatic about this but honestly I have explained the circumstances so many times I can’t be bothered repeating once again. The latest update was only two weeks after the previous version, which means that the amount of hours spent working on it was approximately 14 hours. In those 14 hours, several new scenes including some hot content for Shelly and Christine were added, also the game engine had a pretty big overhaul. If the people complaining believe they can do better I would like to invite them to create their own game and see what content they can put out in 14 hours whilst maintaining high render quality. Some people have some pretty high expectations considering they aren’t willing to offer support.

On a more positive note, There will be some pretty awesome content in the next update whenever that may be so keep your eyes peeled for that.

As always if you would like to offer your support, becoming a supporter via this site is safe and secure and your support can make all the difference. There are several options to choose from all of which have awesome benefits and grant you access to the supporters only version of the game.

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