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DEEPER 0.0.5

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Back from the dead

Hey guys, Those who have been watching my patreon will know that i recently had a bit of a nasty man-flu, and have also been very busy with IRL work. Things have gotten back to normal now so I can start giving you live streams and regular updates again. Thanks for being awesome as always! […]

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v0.0.4 Update

Currently working on: Phone interface and Ruby’s store Hey everyone. So those of you that have seen my live streams will know that I have just released v0.0.38 and bug fixed it. With no current bugs in the engine i can now work on the phone which is a big one. The yPhone is available […]

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Looking forward..

So with 0.0.3 so close to release My mind has started thinking about v0.0.4 and what it will include. Naturally I want to focus on some story progression but I really want to tie up more of the mini games and overall mechanics. Until v0.1 it is a foregone conclusion that each update will most […]

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