DEEPER – Current Objective

Bug Hunting. Prep for Beta.

Time to completion – TBC

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How to file a bug report

With Deeper becoming more and more complex with every update it becomes increasingly difficult to play test everything. Deeper is unlike any other adult game out there and whether you like it or not, that means that there are always going to be teething problems. To make life less stressful for everyone I have written […]

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Quite often when trying to create a game with any kind of mechanics, you will find yourself staring off into space as you weigh out the possible solutions to a very specific problem, or of course sometimes just trying to think of any solution at all. When it comes to Ren’Py, more often than not […]

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Creating adult games comes with some strings attached. The following things are inevitable: Some people will complain about the pace of the story Some will complain about their specific fetish not being covered Some will complain about not liking a specific fetish that you DID cover Some will complain about something completely random and irrelevant […]

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New Hardware

Hey everyone. I wanted to post this as news as it will definitely impact the development of all the games I work on. I have up until now been working with some pretty outdated hardware. Using an old Motherboard with intel i5 processor and 16gb of DDR3 ram. The only “modern-ish” piece of hardware i’ve […]

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