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As a developer it can be frustrating to spend hours, days, weeks or even months working on something to have your hard work picked apart by people completely unqualified to do so. Having said that it IS our job to make sure that the end user has the best possible experience when using our software. […]

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Deeper update

Good news folks. The template / engine is finished all bar the shouting and I am almost ready for our first release on schedule. v0.0.1 will feature all of the introduction content and a few story developments. The next step from this version will be to implement several of the main story branches and character […]

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If your game isn’t ready, rather than lie, just tell your fans or supporters the truth. Nothing will lose potential investors or customers faster than repeatedly disappointing them with false promises. Don’t Hide your story-line behind complicated mechanics or “secret” triggers. As the developer it is your responsibility to keep the player engaged with a […]

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