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Latest News

People weren’t reading the intro text and so were getting confused on the first day so an additional “filler” scene has been added to the intro. added alternative conclusion to “Ball check” chain of events added two new books linked to the above chain of events added new radio stories added new minor character “Rosalind” […]

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Upcoming updates

Hey folks, Lots of new content coming in Deeper v0.0.6. Here is a quick rundown of what has been added so far New intro scenes. The original intro left the player to their own devices at 8pm on the first day but too many people were not reading the dialogue and so were missing the […]

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Hey folks, Just wanted to take a few minutes to update you all as to what is happening and what will be happening. So as many of you are aware Patreon are purging adult content. They don’t want to lose creators because creators make them money, but they are trying to force adult content creators […]

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