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In addition to my recent post about Patreon, I would like to offer advice for those developers who may be struggling, or worried about not getting hit with lockouts or bans. Make sure that any mature content you post is set to “Patreons only” as a minimum – Patreon does not allow posting of any […]

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On certain forums, there has been a surge in the amount of hatred that is being focused on Patreon. A few months ago Patreon decided to better enforce their rules about posting extreme content. There were always vague rules around such things but this was their way of drawing a line in the sand and […]

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Deeper progress update.

Since launching the v0.0.1 version of the game and its bug fixed counterpart the same day, the following improvements have been made Added new scenes with Laura, Sarah and Lucy streamlined large portions of the code to simplify adding new elements later Fixed the save game issue started developing some of the formative conversations for […]

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